A note from the B.F. Saul Company

Carine kicked off our most recent seminar series speaking on the subject of Courage. After her visit I had countless employees stop by my office or catch me in the hallway to comment on and thank me for bringing her to our company. Her message was received in a very special way. One employee told me that they had never before thought of themselves as courageous, but after listening to Carine speak they now know that they do have that courage inside of them. Others were so touched and moved by her words that they came to tears during our conversations. She touched many of our employees in a deeper and more meaningful way than I thought possible through our seminar and speaker series. Carine is truly gifted in what she does, and although I never had the honor of knowing her brother, I am sure I am correct when I say he would be very proud of his little sister.

Kenneth Kovach
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
B.F. Saul Company
Bethesda, Maryland