Azure Hall, Author of Reflections: A Mythology in Poetry & Prose

I first met Carine McCandless in 2019 when she was presenting alongside Annette McGivney at a writing workshop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A recent arrival to the state and a fan of her work, I jumped at the chance to connect with other creatives and find a community.

Over the course of two days, Carine guided the group through readings, writing & editing exercises, and provided a wealth of knowledge alongside her captivating story. After spending much of my professional life working in journalism, I was only beginning to toy with the idea of writing creatively. I left the workshop feeling inspired and empowered to tell my story.

In the two years that followed, I pieced together a collection of poetry and prose that formed a sort of loose memoir. I repeatedly came back to the lessons Carine shared. She was an invaluable resource throughout the process; providing encouragement, support, and an early review for my book. Had I not benefitted from Carine’s advice and early guidance, the road to completing my first book would likely have been much longer. She is a talented communicator and educator, and her varied experience in the field makes for well-rounded insight that I will return to for years to come.

Reflections: A Mythology in Poetry & Prose