Douglas A. Kennedy, Ed.D, CPRP – Virginia Wesleyan College

Never had I seen the students so riveted and hanging on a speaker’s every word. Her message, delivery, warmth, and connection was like none other I had seen. Where it had taken me several weeks until my students were completely comfortable opening up to me, Carine was able to achieve that same feat in minutes. Carine’s gentle nature provided the support for everyone to participate in the discussion and some of my quietest students shared their thoughts like never before. I have had countless guest speakers assist me over the years. None has approached the effect she has on an audience. Carine’s message of perseverance, overcoming difficulty, and making the most out of life is not a tale of sorrow related to her brother’s death. Instead, it is a story of life; hers, her brother’s, and how her audience can get the most out of theirs.

Douglas A. Kennedy, Ed.D, CPRP
Professor and Associate Dean Division of Social Sciences
Virginia Wesleyan College

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