Lecture Topics

Photo: Dominic Peters

  • The Wild Truth
    • Expanding on her memoir, released November 2014, Carine shares poignant anecdotes, personal photographs and video to provide a rare inside look into the amazing life and legacy of her brother and her own journey into a life without him. She discusses the valuable lessons she has learned through chosen paths in life, concluding with her recent hike to the abandoned bus in the Alaska wilderness where Chris spent his final days.
  • Into The Wild Truth of Education
    • Carine combines the powerful lessons that have been steadily derived in academia from Krakauer’s 1996 Into the Wild with revelations from her 2014 book The Wild Truth. Her ability to connect with today’s generation is exceptional, providing personal insight that elevates their often-typical experience with an assigned text to a level of understanding and value that will remain with them beyond the classroom. Dr. Douglas Kennedy, laudable professor at Virginia Wesleyan College said of Carine after her first visit; “Never had I seen the students so riveted and hanging on a speaker’s every word. Her message, delivery, warmth, and connection
      was like none other I had seen.”
  • Not Your Typical Corporate Conference
    • Predictable displays of statistics and pie charts will be absent from Carine’s approach to your organization as she shares her personal drive and vision that has kept her successfully self-employed since the age of nineteen. Whether the topic is productive staff management through respect and motivation or developing a network of loyal customers, Carine highlights the importance of putting forth great effort to stand apart from the crowd. If it were easy, everyone would do it and there would be no crowd to stand apart from.
  • Life’s Engine, Balancing Fuel with Fire
    • Carine draws from her twelve years as an auto repair shop owner to tune-up a tired conversation that everyone can relate to, but rarely pop the hood off of. Raw and honest self-awareness is the key to understanding your definition of success and how to achieve it both personally and professionally. You don’t need to know a thing about your car to benefit from this presentation, but you’ll know a hell of a lot more about it, and yourself, by the time it’s over.
  • Tough Bitches Find Life’s Riches
    • Empowering women is one of Carine’s specialties. She pulls from her own experience overcoming adversity; as a survivor of domestic violence through adolescence into adulthood, as a successful young entrepreneur in a male dominated field, amidst her relationship failures and successes, and in her unexpected roles as a mother. Carine shares how her absolute greatest rewards have been found at the end of some incredibly difficult journeys.
  • Special Needs, Special Parenting
    • Having overcome the devastating effects of a tumultuous childhood, Carine determined early in life that the best way to break the cycle of bad parenting was to never become a parent herself. But as the saying goes: People plan…God laughs. From her own history as an unprepared adoptive mother of a two-year-old in crisis, to raising her newborn diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Carine shares how her children have been the absolute greatest gift, and the best source of calm in her sometimes chaotic life. Her thoughtful presentation assures audiences that the most unexpected events in life can reveal the most important lessons.
  • Customized
    • Carine can adapt any lecture or create a unique presentation to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Writers Conferences
    • Carine is available as a keynote speaker and/or workshop leader. Please inquire to management@carinemccandless.com for the wide range of topics available based on her experiences writing The Wild Truth and working with the publisher on every step of the process from production to release.