Mackenzie Aime – Emory University

TEDxEmory is beyond thankful that Carine was able to speak at our conference. Throughout our interactions leading up to and during the event she was professional and friendly, an absolute pleasure to work with. She came prepared and gave an incredibly powerful talk. Following the conference I had several friends tell me that her words moved them to tears.

Douglas A. Kennedy, Ed.D, CPRP – Virginia Wesleyan College

Never had I seen the students so riveted and hanging on a speaker’s every word. Her message, delivery, warmth, and connection was like none other I had seen. Where it had taken me several weeks until my students were completely comfortable opening up to me, Carine was able to achieve that same feat in minutes. … Continue reading

A Note from Jon Krakauer

The first time I ever spoke with Carine McCandless was in October 1992. The remains of her 24-year-old brother, Chris, had been discovered the previous month in Alaska, near the northern boundary of Denali National Park, and I had phoned her because Outside magazine had assigned me to write an article about Chris’s enigmatic life … Continue reading

Gordon D’Angelo – Chairman/CEO NEXT Financial Holdings Inc.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Carine McCandless speak at the inaugural POWER Professional Women’s Event. Her presentation on Courage captivated and moved the audience. A much needed insight for the group, she inspired and educated the women on entrepreneurship, motherhood, and the ability to succeed at both. We received an overwhelming response on the … Continue reading

A note from the B.F. Saul Company

Carine kicked off our most recent seminar series speaking on the subject of Courage. After her visit I had countless employees stop by my office or catch me in the hallway to comment on and thank me for bringing her to our company. Her message was received in a very special way. One employee told … Continue reading

Lon A. Pringle, – AP US History Instructor, Westfield High School, Fairfax VA

Literature comes alive when Carine McCandless shares her remarkable and forthright insights about her brother and the book about his life, Into the Wild. Moreover, her gentle delivery of her brother’s adventure encourages our students to connect the written word with philosophical ideas. Our students, having read the book, come together at the end of … Continue reading

Cooperative Leadership Institute

At the Cooperative Leadership Institute, we are constantly in search of the most meaningful and relevant lessons to share with our clients. Carine McCandless opened our annual speaker series with her message on “Courage in Life and Business.” She seamlessly wove stories of INTO THE WILD with feats from her personal and professional lives. Unanimously … Continue reading