Annette McGivney, author of Pure Land; award-winning journalist and frequent contributor to The Guardian and Outside magazine

When my book manuscript landed in Carine’s lap in 2017, it was about to go to press and she had graciously agreed to write a blub for the cover. What unfolded from there was not only an amazingly worded endorsement for Pure Land, but some of the most spot-on and insightful editing and marketing suggestions I have ever received during my 30-year journalism career. Carine’s outstanding instincts around genre placement and audience reach made it possible to craft expertly worded copy for the book cover and choose the perfect visuals. While I had lost all perspective after turning out a 100,000 word manuscript, Carine had the fresh eyes and laser focus to help me produce a 35-word summary for the cover that caught the attention of booksellers. And she continued to provide me with invaluable marketing and strategy advice during the months-long rollout of Pure Land, which went on to win the National Outdoor Book Award in 2018. Whether it was during a writing workshop that we co-taught or Carine’s advice on the proposal for my next book, I have always been inspired by her commitment to quality and belief that every single word matters. Take my word for it: Your future as an author is much brighter with Carine in your corner.