Lon A. Pringle, – AP US History Instructor, Westfield High School, Fairfax VA

Literature comes alive when Carine McCandless shares her remarkable and forthright insights about her brother and the book about his life, Into the Wild. Moreover, her gentle delivery of her brother’s adventure encourages our students to connect the written word with philosophical ideas. Our students, having read the book, come together at the end of the year to discuss Chris’s decisions as they themselves, prepare to embark on their life’s journey. In a day long seminar to which Carine adds her depth and perspective of Chris and his life, our students’ lessons go far beyond the pen and paper of academia. Carine challenges their preconceptions about Chris, their own lives and the world in which they will live. Long after papers are submitted, books are stored, and gradebooks are closed, our students recall Carine’s vivid details and her honesty. Her lessons reach into each student’s subconscious where they resonate for life.

Lon A. Pringle
AP US History Instructor
Westfield High School, Fairfax VA