Samantha Dickinson, Coraggio Consulting, CA

No matter what stage of writing a book you’re in, Carine can help. I had the privilege of working with her on developing the Friends of Bus 142 nonprofit and website, for which she wrote much of the content. Throughout the process, I was able to share with her my dreams of writing a book. In both arenas, I was impressed by her natural ability to clearly see where the project is, what needs to happen next and provide strategic guidance to get there. There seems to be two dimensions of Carine always working: the supportive, relatable, collaborative person you work out your words & thoughts with, and the strategic, structured, business-focused person that understands how a book is made and marketed, so your project can be shaped with that end result in mind. It’s a relief to receive this early guidance so fluidly – to always feel like she’s ‘got you’. And she’ll jump right into the trenches with you until it’s achieved. As a professional, Carine is famous for drawing attention to overlooked details, explaining the importance of crafting exactly the right word, phrasing, perspective, art direction – she figures it out every single time, and the result makes all the difference. As a person, she’s grounded, tethered to her ethics, and committed to helping birth the best outcome, no matter the task at hand.